What is the School Health Portal?

The School Health Portal supports preschools in their efforts to create a health-promoting environment. We offer access to simple and practical tools and evidence-based materials that preschools can use to develop and strengthen their health promotion activities.

Together for child health

Why a school health portal?

The preschool environment is important for children's health and influences successful learning. It should be health-promoting and support the children’s development.

In this portal, we have summarised relevant and current research regarding ways to promote a healthy preschool environment in a number of different health topics. The idea is to enable the preschool to easily plan, implement and evaluate interventions as part of their strategic health-promoting work.

These materials and the evaluation tool which we call "Key to preschool health" help preschools to:

  • map out the needs with the questionnaires
  • identify and choose an appropriate evidence-based intervention(s)
  • implement these interventions
  • follow up their health promotion efforts

Why focus on the preschool environment?

Promoting the physical and mental health of the individual child should be combined with efforts in the preschool environment to achieve lasting and measurable effects. Interventions that affect the physical environment are sometimes called structural interventions. These can include improvements to the preschool's physical and social environment as well as health-related policies and procedures.

The School Health Portal aims to promote a health-promoting preschool environment that benefits all children equally. This means that the preschool as an organisation, should, in a systematic manner, review and improve their physical environment and the routines that create a health-promoting climate. In other words, this is an approach for the entire preschool, complementing the work the child health care service is already performing.

Knowledge about effective interventions and methods is often inadequate, partly because efforts are rarely properly evaluated or not evaluated at all. The School Health Portal is based on systematic literature reviews of effective strategies within a number of health areas. The material is compiled by experts and researchers within the field of health promotion for children and young people at the Stockholm County Council.

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